Yes, we have a new look: new banner image, new color scheme for the website, new photograph of Brussels, and a new Brussels item of interest. I am being responsive to the critics of the old look of the website aided by a lull in my genealogical activities following completion of two simultaneous projects: the search for the ancestral origins of immigrants from Eastern Europe and a hunt for heirs.

In addition the weather has been appalling—only 8 hours of sunlight in December of last year (which I guess was much better than 8 minutes in Moscow) and the most rain to fall on a 28 February since recording began in 1906. Thank goodness for the daffodils that are blooming yet drooping after being buried by yet more snow yesterday and below freezing temperatures. The vernal equinox is tomorrow, 20 March. The weather prediction for Brussels—a "blazing" 45°F (7°C). Spring will be officially here.

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