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lost: (past and past part. lose) become unable to to find1
found: (past and past part. find) discover by change or effort2

Herman Elsholtz (1863-?) and his wife, Delilah Elizabeth (Merville) (1867-?) and Richard Earnest Merville (1877-?) cannot be found. By their birthdates their physical beings are surely lost to us forever. Alonzo Brink Merville (1875-1953), Delilah and Richard's brother was also lost but found a long way from his Pennsylvania birthplace in New Mexico - his final resting place under a city-provided, plain cement, broken headstone inscribed only with his name and date of death which is probably incorrect.3 In the beginning my interest focused solely upon how many lost souls I could find to populate a family tree. Not any more. Genealogy is more than names and vital statistics.

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